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Ordering samples.

Quality samples have always taken centre stage in our process for specification.

As we do not operate a physical ‘bricks-and-mortar’ showroom, our focus is firmly set on making sure you get the samples you want - when you want them. Here's how to do it:

  1. Log into your Gather Co trade account.  
  2. Navigate to the surface products you'd like to see samples of.
  3. Click the “Free sample” button located at the base of the right-hand selection panel.
  4. An order window will appear from the right of your screen, detailing each of your selections.
  5. You can request up to 6 free samples per an order, per a day.
  6. Tracking progress of your order can be done via the “Samples” tab on your trade dashboard. 

It's important to note that high quality free samples are our gift to you. Although we'd love to offer a re-collection service for samples that are no longer wanted, logistical restrictions makes this unfeasible. That said, we'd kindly ask you to gift, repurpose or thoughtfully dispose of any redundant samples.  

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Does Gather Co have a showroom?

Gather Co does not operate a showroom in the traditional sense. Our showroom is largely digital with physical representations being made by request, through the distribution of free samples.

Can I visit the Gather Co warehouse?

Unfortunately, due to workplace safety considerations and public liability restrictions, we cannot accomodate any non-essential visitors to our warehouse.

Does Gather Co sell anything directly to the public?

Gather Co is a strictly 'trade only' brand. This means that we do not interface or sell anything to non construction industry professionals.

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