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Placing orders.

Our specially developed trade portal allows you to manage product orders.

Placing orders via the Gather Co trade portal can be carried out through the following steps:

  1. Log onto your trade account.
  2. Complete the steps in our “Adding products to quotes.” article.
  3. Click the “accept” button as the final stage of a quote.
  4. From there, your quote will convert to an order, with a 5 day deadline to process the 50% deposit payment. Following this, you have officially placed an order.
  5. All order can be viewed via the “Orders” tab of your trade dashboard.  


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Does Gather Co have a showroom?

Gather Co does not operate a showroom in the traditional sense. Our showroom is largely digital with physical representations being made by request, through the distribution of free samples.

Can I visit the Gather Co warehouse?

Unfortunately, due to workplace safety considerations and public liability restrictions, we cannot accomodate any non-essential visitors to our warehouse.

Does Gather Co sell anything directly to the public?

Gather Co is a strictly 'trade only' brand. This means that we do not interface or sell anything to non construction industry professionals.

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