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In appreciation of your continued support, we’ve launched the Gather Co-mmitment online credits program.It’s really very simple - our success is a direct result of your trade and now we’re rewarding your ongoing loyalty.

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3 cents in every dollar is accumulated for online Gather Co credit.

Hand in hand

Each online order your team place via our platform, will contribute to a collective credit pool. This sum is calculated at a rate of 3 cents in every dollar and can then be applied to any future online order. The system is entirely automated and openly recorded on your trade portal, ensuring full transparency on every transaction.

Reward Earn
Credit Assigned

Our gift to you

Each registered member of your team will have full access to our automated quoting tool. A major feature of this exclusive system is the Gather Co-mmitment Credit Slider. Click Here for a working example.


Will my accrued credits ever expire?

Credits earned via online transactions have a 2 year expiry period. Any credits that exceed this lifespan will be automatically donated to the Gather Co 'Tiles for Smiles' initiative.

Can I receive my credits in cash?

Credits are strictly limited to online transactions and cannot be claimed as cash payments.

Who can my spend credits?

Credits are collectively earned on every online transaction by every member within your organisation. All account holders within your business can apply the available company credit to any of their open online orders.

Need more? Gather Co Support is here to help