Boulder House

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Over time, a lush and established garden becomes a reflection of a home and its occupants, and the gardens of Boulder House unfolds as such a reflection. 

Wyer & Co. sculpts the generous landscape of the studio’s creative director Anthony Wyer, taking cues from both local and Mediterranean sensibilities in creating an ideal outdoor immersive retreat. Hugging the property that it shares the site with, the gardens of Boulder House are envisioned around ideas of escape. In referencing places afar, the resulting plantings and gathering spaces showcase how design can create transportive experiences. As the garden of a young family with four children, the design needed to reflect how they all lived within the home and engaged with the outdoors. The process took place across an elongated series of stages to ensure the right insertions and interventions would work and reflect its owners. Feeling resort-like, the large and encasing gardens function as both family retreat and social space."

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